Enjoy a Clutter-Free Space

Simplify your life with home organization services in Dubuque, IA & Galena, IL

Do you have piles of clothes in your closets? Is clutter taking over every free space? Matters of Space by Angie offers home organization services in DDubuque, IA & Galena, IL. We'll help you sort through your belongings and decide what you can't live without. Everything you keep will be organized in a manageable and maintainable way. We'll take care of donating or throwing out everything else.

Take control of your clutter. Connect with us today to schedule a decluttering service consultation.

Organize your property one room at a time

When you hire us, you're in control of what stays and goes. We'll never force you to make decisions you aren't comfortable with. Our home organization professional will make your space more functional by:

  • Taking an inventory of your possessions
  • Sorting your items into toss, donate and keep piles
  • Moving items to the rooms where they belong
  • Adding storage containers and shelving for easy organization
  • Making sure your favorite things are easily accessible

Fall in love with an organized life. Reach out to schedule decluttering services for your home or business.

Get organized on all fronts

When you want to get organized, don't start with just one space and then give up. Get every nook and cranny in order with help from Matters of Space by Angie. Our local interior design company offers home organization services for every room in your house. Hire us to organize your...

  • Closets -
    We can organize clothes by season and color so you can pair outfits together more easily
  • Pantry -
    We'll put food in labeled storage containers to keep things visible, organized and sealed
  • Garage -
    We'll store holiday decorations in boxes, sort yard equipment and organize outdoor toys

We'll take spring cleaning to the next level. Call 563-513-8465 now for professional decluttering services in Dubuque, IA or Galena, IL.

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